certified pre owned Mercedes Benz OrlandoCertified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Orlando – A Cost Effective Step to Mercedes Benz Ownership

One slightly cheaper way to buy a great value Mercedes Benz is through the Mercedes Benz Certified Pre Owned Program. Essentially there are two sides to the Mercedes certification program. On the one side, Mercedes carries out multiple checks on all cars entering into the Mercedes Certified Pre Owned certification program, thereby ensuring that only quality cars are sold as certified pre owned Mercedes cars.

Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Orlando – A True Win-Win

This is of course great for pre owned Mercedes Benz buyers. But the added benefit to Mercedes themselves as well as all Mercedes owners, is that residual values remain higher. This means that if you buy a new Mercedes Benz you can be reasonably sure that depreciation will be slower than it would otherwise be without the program and you have a good chance of achieving an acceptable price for your Mercedes Benz when you come to sell it. It also means that new Mercedes Benz buyers will be more likely to pay the premium of becoming a Mercedes Benz owner because they are confident in second hand values.

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Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Orlando – What are the Checks?

To qualify for Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes Benz status a Mercedes Benz vehicle must meet stringent criteria and pass a rigorous inspection. Listed below are the specific details of the checks and standards that a Mercedes Benz has to undergo before it is certified as a Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz.

Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Orlando- What is The Certification Process

Every Mercedes Benz must pass stringent examination before it can become a Certified Pre Owned Acura. Only well looked after, late-model Acura vehicles are entered for consideration, and each one must pass a painstaking 150-point inspection and a Vehicle History Report review. (We’ve included a link to the full Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz checklist at the bottom of the page.) Virtually every mechanical system, from the engine to the door locks, is checked and serviced to meet precise specifications, and a thorough appearance inspection scrutinizes fit and finish, inside and out, to ensure that every vehicle upholds the luxury and sophistication of the Acura name. The Acura Dealership technicians also inspect all placements of the Vehicle Identification Number to ensure that the VIN plates match. In addition, the VIN is researched for open service campaigns.

Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz – Complete Vehicle Dossier

certified pre owned Mercedes Benz Orlando


Each Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz comes with a comprehensive set of required manuals and documentation. The Mercedes inspection checklist ensures each manual is placed in the glove box or handed over to the client at delivery.

The Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz Documentation includes:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • New Car Warranty Manual
  • Certified Warranty booklet
  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report (full history / title check report)
  • Copy of 150-point inspection checklist (once completed)
  • Radio security code
  • Navigation code (if applicable)
  • Maintenance Journal (2003 and newer models)


Certified Pre Owned Mercedes Benz checklist

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